It’s Table Time!

It’s Table Time!

Who’s ready to decorate their table with me?  All you need is 10-15 minutes.  Let’s do this together!  Most items are things you already have, so no shopping trip is necessary.  Most Mondays I redo my table here.  After being set up for a week, there are little food marks or it has gotten dirty from just being out all week.  I love to start the week out with a fresh look.

Okay, those of you who are ready for a new table look and in with me on this, here is step 1.  Clear the table completely off.  It is easiest to start with a fresh slate.  If you had flowers or something that stays always on the table, no fears, we will put it back later.

Step 2 is to find your tablecloth.  If you don’t have a table cloth, no sweat.  It can be a piece of fabric, a sheet, or a curtain.   If you are going to search for a print, the best prints are non directional.  I had bought some fabric at our town market for a table cloth a while back.  It was a beautiful print, however, when I placed it on the table, the flowers were all going in one direction.  This meant some people would see the flowers upside down, others would see them sideways, and one person would see it correctly.  Now, I am going quick today, so I will just spray some homemade wrinkle release on my piece of fabric I’ll be using as my tablecloth.  Some days I iron, and some days I throw my tablecloth in the dryer for a few minutes with a wet washcloth.  Today, we are trying to meet our 10-15 minute mark, so I am going to spray my wrinkle release and smooth some and continue on to the next step.  If it looks a bit wet, it’s ok.  By the time we are finished, it will be dry and look good.

Step 3 is to grab your glasses or cups, your plate charger or placemat, and napkins.    It’s nice to have a plate charger or placemat under the plate for drips and crumbs.  If you don’t have either of those don’t let that stop you from decorating with me.  Now, let’s grab our napkins.  They can be paper or cloth.  There are a multitude of ways to fold a napkin or you can put it through a napkin ring like I did.  I had a few paper straws that my family had sent me, so I put those in my glasses just for fun.  Super easy!  You are doing awesome!  I can’t wait to see your table!

Step 4 is getting your plates, bowls, silverware etc.  It is not necessary to have matching items.  The plates I have here pictured, I bought right after graduation at k-mart.  It was a huge going out of business sale.  I found the salad plates at one k-mart and then mom and I scooted to another one.  The dinner plates were there and a soup bowl or two.  Then, we went on vacation and stopped in a k-mart, and they had more soup bowls!  It was like a treasure hunt.  There wasn’t a k-mart we visited that had the whole set, but each one had just the pieces I needed.  It was so fun to find the missing pieces!  They were on such a sale to begin with and I have used them all these years.  I love the story and memory behind this set!

Step 5 is to grab something pretty for a centerpiece.  This can be so many things.  Shop the house.  I had some faux lavender that I am using and put out some baby tea lights.  This centerpiece could be a lantern, a potted plant, a candle, a pretty bowl with filler fruit or nature items, and the list goes on for forever!  Really, this could be just about anything that is pretty to use for the centerpiece .

Step 6 I added a teacup and lit up the room.  As I was looking at the table, I thought it is nice to have tea or coffee with dessert or after the meal.  As you can see my teacup isn’t matching to the set, so feel free to mix and match or even just bring what you have out.  It is going to look great!

Dinner time!

I hope you can see this is an easy process that I feel makes such a big difference.  If you decorate your table, will you send me a picture in the comments section?  If you struggled with this or just didn’t enjoy it, will you tell me where you got hung up at or what step was hard?  If you loved doing your table, what was your favorite step?

I will say, that I now collect things for table settings when I see them.  I love change and so thrift stores, garage sales, dollar stores, dollar bins, and even after holiday sales are perfect for finding table decorating items.  It doesn’t have to be expensive at all.  Thanks for joining me today!