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Month: March 2017

Springtime And New Plants

Springtime And New Plants


It’s officially Spring!  When I am stateside, I love all the new growth and freshness that comes with this time of year. While we have warm weather here in Africa, the look of spring for us, appears in May, when it starts to rain again.  It is still dry season here. The star of the show right now is the bougenvillia.  I love it!  It thrives in this dry weather.  Sometimes I feel like it should be called crunchy season. 🙂  Before last week, it hadn’t really rained since November.   So last week, when we got several minutes of rain, it felt magical.



Last week, I was craving some fresh new growth to place around the house. I went into town to visit my gardener friend. He has a good little section of different plant types even if it isn’t the time for flowers quite yet.   Most of his plants are about .50 cents each.  I got several.





My success rate with plants during this dry season hasn’t been high, as you can see below.  Yikes! 🙂  The humidity has been in single digits for days upon days.  It seems a day or maybe 2 or maybe 4 or 5 🙂 of skipping to water the plants and it’s too late. It’s so easy to forget.  If growing branches was a gift, I should be teaching lessons.  I have visited him multiple times this dry season.  I tell him that I lost another and he has a cringed look on his face, then we laugh.  This guy has a definite green thumb and I think one of the reasons is because he is a faithful waterer.



The Africans are so resourceful. You can see from this pic how he uses bags from water and juice boxes to grow things in. This is how it has been with any plants I have bought in town.  I buy them like this and then put them in a pot or whatever type of container I have.



I took him my planters and he put some arrangements together.  I thought he did such a great job!





Recently, I have enjoyed using some tea tins I had.  They seem like a great size for smaller plants and are a cozy look for inside the house.  I love Harney and Sons teas!  Have you tried them?  Their tins are perfect for little plant containers when the tea is finished.  As you can see, repotting plants doesn’t have to be expensive.  You can use a teacup, pot, tin, or whatever pretty container you may have at home already.



Next time, I will show where these new little tins are located in my spring living room tour.  I’ve so enjoyed the new growth thither and yon inside the house.  Let me know if you have any planter tips or tricks- I’m all ears!  Wherever you are today, I hope you have a wonderful Spring Day!

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