April Fool’s Day In Africa

April Fool’s Day In Africa

Do you remember someone playing an April Fool’s Day joke on you in the past?  One year, my Mom and I decided to tease my Dad on April 1st.  I had an eye apptmt to see if I needed glasses.  I had been having headaches.  Well, it turned out that I didn’t need glasses and my eyes were in great shape.  On the way home, my Mom and I found these huger than life sunglasses.  They were so ugly.  I don’t know who would ever wear them.  Mom took out the sunshade lenses and we left it blank.  As we pulled up to the house, I put the dreadful huge framed sunglasses on and walked into the house.  My Mom was ahead of me and told my Dad sorry we were late, but that we stopped to get the new glasses for me.

Then I walked in.  My Dad did so well.  He’s a kind, gentle soul.  He stood in awe for a moment-probably trying not to hurt my feelings at how dreadful they were.  He would look at Mom and then back to me.  Moments later, my Mom poked through to my eye and said “April Fools Day!  She didn’t need glasses!”  My Dad started laughing.  He said he didn’t understand how we could pick such terrible looking glasses.  And they were horrid!  We got him good!

The French April Fool’s Day is called Un Poisson d’Avril.  April Fish.  They may make a paper fish and try to attach it to another person secretly.  They let the person wear it without knowing it is on them.

Someone got me today!  It wasn’t with a paper fish though.  She sent me a phone message saying she was at my door.  She wanted to talk with me.  She then continued to call me and hang up.  I would call her back and she wouldn’t respond.  I went to the door and looked outside.  No one was there.  I figured she’d just left.  She kept calling me and hanging up.  I thought something was wrong or maybe someone had stolen her phone and were just calling her contacts.  After a few hours, I called her and actually got through to her.  I asked her what was wrong.  She said, “You didn’t come to the door”.  I said, “I did!”  She said, “well, good.  I was never there!  Poisson d’Avril!”   She got me!

That wasn’t the only time.  I got an email today that mentioned a new skirt for sale that had a pocket that kept chocolate from melting, bug repelling, and built in wifi.  It had alot of other cool aspects too- anti- microbial, UPF 75, hidden hydration pack, etc.. .  No bugs, unmelted chocolate, and built in wifi were all I needed to make me want this skirt. 🙂  My chocolates are always melting and having wifi access wherever the skirt was would be awesome!  Internet access in Africa can be rare at times.  I might have wanted to wear it 7 days a week. 🙂  This is a company that sells cooler than average items for a bigger than average price but I was ready to think about ordering one of these cool skirts…then I see… April Fool’s Day!  printed below.    They got me!

Another African told me that there have been countless Poisson d’Avril centered around market items.  An African will tell others that a huge pile of potatoes are on sale at market today for a low price.  He will spread the word to many.  When the Africans head to market quickly to get in on the sale, they will see there are no potatoes and know the trick of poisson d’avril has been played on them.

Did someone get you or did you get someone good for April Fool’s?  I hope you had a great April Fool’s Day!

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