What Does Your Living Space Tell About You?

What Does Your Living Space Tell About You?

Don’t we all enjoy looking behind the scenes? Let’s go look inside! What are they really like? What do they enjoy? You see, I think a person’s living space tells so much about them. I’ve often thought that a mystery person would be less mysterious if I could look inside their house. Old antique signs they display may have a cool story. Hobbies are revealed via decor, pics, or evidences in the house. Family ties from wall photos become evident. Actually, sometimes, a personality of the person/family comes forth.

I’ve always loved visiting other people’s houses. I used to always love going with my mom to deliver a meal or to pick up someone for an event. I would always want to see inside motel rooms when we were searching for overnight accommodations. Did it feel clean and homey? Or was it old and crusty?

It seems that just even the entryway or first peek into the door gives a glimpse into the environment. How many times after visiting someone in their home, did I really see what they were like or maybe more so who they really were.

I remember visiting a high school friend one day. Her room had a live plant on the dresser. She had photo collages and pictures that were cozy and fun on the wall. She had a fluffy rug next to her vintage bed that matched with the colors in her bedspread. Her room wasn’t one dialed in from a magazine or from one particular store. Very few items were new.  It was a collected and cozy look. Her room told a story. It told who she was and what she was about. She had collected from yard sales, her grandmother’s heirlooms, local nursery, memory shots, favorite decorations, and pieces of school memories.

That day, after seeing her room, I knew I had misjudged who she was. She was a girl with a community feel. One that understood the power of family story. She knew what was important to her. This is not who I perceived her to be when I was in class with her. She was a background girl and I never knew who she really was. She was in the flow but never stood out as an individual. From then on, I understood her better. I could see who she really was.

Showing you inside my home in Africa, you will see that it doesn’t have to be expensive to be cozy or even pretty. Did you wonder if I lived in a hut? Countless times I have been asked if I lived in a hut. While many Africans do live in huts, I don’t. 🙂 I’m not sure I would do well in a hut. The Lord plans everything out so well. Before I ever moved to Africa, this little rental property with indoor plumbing and electricity was picked for me. I am so thankful for it! It’s my little Oasis.  I want to give you a peak into my living room, dining area, entryway. I’ve always loved decorating for the seasons. My mom would change the mantel and table top decorations and put out new seasonal table settings while we were growing up. I looked forward to the seasonal decorations and loved the changes.

For some, seasonal decorating might mean a shopping trip or spending money to pick out new decor items. For me, that isn’t a possibility. There aren’t any stores in town with decorations.  My items are collected over the years and sometimes I create things I need. Some items have been brought back in my suitcase or they have come in teammate containers that have been shipped to Africa throughout the years. Some of my items are locally crafted and many are purchased from our small town market. Little things have been collected over the years. Mostly, when I decorate, I am picking items from what I already have. I hope to encourage you that decorating doesn’t have to be expensive. The possibilities for decorations are endless. I’ll explain and share tips and ideas as we go along.   Do you enjoy home tours and inside views as much as I do?

While today is just a preview, come back Monday for the full living room tour.  I hope you have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “What Does Your Living Space Tell About You?

  1. Love it! Thank you for reminding us that our homes reflect who we are and what is important to us. Love your little home and wish I could see it.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I wish you could come and visit too! Your home is so cozy and pretty- I remember learning new things about you guys when we visited. I think it is always neat to learn more about people from artifacts, travel items, or pictures in their home. Looking forward to seeing you guys this summer!

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