Curious Callie

Curious Callie

When I was little there was a show with two policemen who rode on their police motorcycles around town.  One of them had a chimpanzee that would ride with him.  I loved the show!  Mostly because of their cute chimpanzee.  Well, it wasn’t long after that I began asking, usually at Christmas time, if I could get a monkey.  Little did I know as a child what all that would entail to make it possible.  When I moved to Africa, I began seeing more monkeys.

Callie and me

One day, a man from church who I had told that I was looking for a monkey, brought Callie to me.  She was just a little monkey then.  She came right to me and fell asleep on my lap as I was talking to him.  He knew she melted my heart but said I could keep her for a few days as a trial period and pay the $10 later if I decided to keep her.

callie girl

Callie has been here ever since!  That was 6 years ago.  She lives in the mango tree in my yard and has brought so much fun and entertainment to my life.  She has gone hiking with me, been on countless bike rides sitting in my bike basket, and loves jumping on the trampoline and swinging.

callie with mirror

callie and me 2

I love to watch her climb, walk the rope, and enjoy her picnic meals in the tree tops.  She is extremely curious and loves mirrors.  She is a mini detective and spies on me as well as others who visit me.  She’s been so much fun and am so thankful that my childhood wish came true!


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