Party Shoes

Party Shoes

Have you ever seen the perfect shoe in the store and then did a double take or thought you were going blind when you looked at the price tag? I love shoes! Who’s with me? Raise your hand. When I was a little girl, the day I got a new pair of shoes, usually meant that I slept in them that night. I just couldn’t take them off. So, after a little wash up, the shoes and me, my mom would often tell me a bedtime story and pray with me and then tuck me in. Well, I don’t sleep with my shoes on any more. Were you wondering about that? However, I still enjoy shoes.

One day after looking at the shoes in my closet, I decided to paint my boring shoes to make them match an outfit or just to breathe new life back into them again. So, if you have an older pair of shoes, or a pair you don’t enjoy the color, grab your paintbrush and paint and let’s refresh these shoes together. I will say the less shiny cover the shoe has, the better the paint sticks.

the shoes I before I painted them
shoes after they got painted
shoes after they got painted

I was seeing lots of shoes at the market, even in good quality, but they were usually brown. While a pair of brown shoes can certainly be handy to go with multiple outfits, I don’t usually fall in love with the color brown. So, the paint now has a fun role in this shoe transformation! I find that one fat paintbrush and one smaller paintbrush usually is enough. The fatter one will help cover the large areas with paint quickly while the smaller one is good for small detailed or hard to reach areas.

pairing the shoes with the object they will match after they are painted

I mostly use acrylic craft paint and paint at least 2 coats so that the shoe has a unified color. This also decreases the appearance of brush strokes. If I am going from a dark color to a lighter color, 3-4 coats of paint may be necessary.

So, there you have it! Easy enough, right? I’ve had such a great time with this! Really, if you don’t like the color of the shoe when you get done, simply let the paint dry and choose another color, and paint the shoe again. I have done this a few times too. I’d be thinking I’d really like a certain colored shoe, but then really didn’t have much to go with it or the color and the style seemed at odds.

the acrylic paint colors used to achieve these painted shoes

This has truly changed the way I look at shoes! If the shoe is comfortable, but you don’t like the color, this is a great solution! Usually, my white shoes get a makeover as they don’t stay white for very long here.

What I love best about painting shoes is that I get to pick the color! No more going shoe shopping and finding the perfect shoe but wishing it was in a different color, or worse, the color you want in your size is sold out. Been there! You too? You can always mix paint colors to achieve your custom color as well.



IMG_1528 copy

You are now the creator and designer of the shoes for your outfits! I bet it wont be long and your shoes will be dancing as you look into your closet. They will be hoping you will pick then for a redo and become your new favorite shoe!

Go ahead! Grab your paint and paint brushes and go get a pair of sad shoes from the closet. Give them the party life. They’ll be so happy and you will be thrilled too! It will be a happy day for both of you!


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