Spring Living Room Tour

Spring Living Room Tour

Welcome to Lisa’s! I’ve got some fresh squeezed lemonade and ice water ready for you if you’re feeling parched today. It’s a toasty spring day here in Africa!

Coming up onto the porch, you will see the bougainvillea.  It’s having a flower party during this dry season.  Bonjour!  I purchased this lettering piece at Marshalls or TjMaxx many years ago when I learned that I would live in a French speaking country.  You can see a tea tin plant here as I talked about in the last article.  The light above is actually from a standup lamp.  I unscrewed a Walmart  lamp from the base and had the electrician connect it to the electrical line.  The floral behind the doors on the wooden hutch is wrapping paper.

The living room has had many paint changes throughout the years.  It was light yellow when I moved in.  I changed it to a light tan color, then darker blue, and now lighter blue.  I am not afraid to paint.  This room might get smaller from all the paint layers soon.  For me it is one of the easiest ways to get a big change for a small fee.  A can of paint here is less than $12.  While they don’t sell a huge color selection, I enjoy using leftover old paints to make new colors.  From the change of dark blue paint, white was just added and gave a less intense blue.

While I was stateside, my family and I painted eggs together.  The plaster eggs were on sale at Ollies.  Mom already had acrylic paints in assorted colors and brushes. We each did different colors and flicked specks on them after they had dried.  What a fun family memory!  The furniture I had before I ever came to Africa and the rug I found one day at market.  Wonders never cease at what can be found here.  The curtains were from Marshalls a while back.  You can see my other tea tin plant on the couch side table and the bright yellow one is real too.

The table squares are napkins that were in the sale bin at Pier 1 a while back.  Those pink flowers are faux, from IKEA, as well as the plant containers. The big vase was a steal from Home Goods.  Placing items on books can give it a different height dimension and make a flat space feel more interesting.

I found this lamp at Goodwill when I was packing for Africa years ago.  I wishing they had two of them. Well, was I ever excited when I found the exact same lamp discounted at Target a few days later.  Can you see the inside thermometer and humidity reading?  It’s hot and dry!  No lie 🙂  

My sister found this baby chick one spring.  I just love her!

That’s a view inside the living room to the front door.  I collected pics of family and springtime photos of scenary around my parents house when I was home.  I made a gallery wall of memories and things I enjoy.  I have a thing for clocks.  You will see as I show more that most rooms will have a clock.  I love birds and biking!  What does your house tell about you?  Now, I will say that looking at this picture, you might think it is chilly here with seeing the jacket.  I couldn’t resist.  Doesn’t every blogger show a jacket and a bag at their spring entry?  🙂  The gray throw I found at market, and the ball pillow and dark blue print pillow I sewed.  The bike pillow I found in a sale bin when I was visiting my brother and his family in Estonia.

Now as you can see behind the couch, there is my dining area.  While this is actually part of the living room, I separated it out to be a dining area not long ago.  For the longest time I didn’t have a dining room table.  I didn’t really think about it much because I didn’t have an official dining room either.  Then, one day, my teammates asked if I wanted their extra table and chairs.  Sure was sweet of them!  It has been such a blessing and gave me a new dining area!  I found a ceiling light in one of the capital stores a few months ago to bring light to the area and had the electrician hang it over the table. I enjoy this new little space so much!

This once was a blank giant picture frame.  I added a piece of plywood into the picture slot and painted it black.  It’s been fun writing daily list, seasonal prints, or favorite quotes here throughout the years.  Pinterest always has lots of chalkboard ideas.

I love creatures!  Growing up in the woods with Sammy Squirrel usually greeting me each morning at the kitchen table, I have quite a few creature decorations.  My mom and sister got me Greta Goose on sale at Pottery Barn last year.  Hopper Henrietta was winking at me from the Homes Good Shelf one year and loves this time of year when the flowers come out again.  The little glass egg containers and flower napkins I found at market here.  The glasses were from a yard sale stateside and bowls were from a thrift store.

This “Love You More” wall art has been such a great reminder of God’s incredible love each day.  I found it at Marshall’s during a storm in life and knew it would be such an encouragement to me in Africa.  As my heart’s desire is to love the people here, I will never love them as He does.  As I seek to please and obey Him each day, I will never love Him like He loves me.  His love for you and I is always constant and unconditional.  He will always love us more!  What a Mighty God we have!

As you walk back out to the porch, this is the view you will see.  These flowers bring so much cheer to me!  They are so vibrant in the early morning hours.  I wish I could send each virtual visitor home with a bunch of flowers.  I hope today has been an inspiration to you that it doesn’t have to take alot of money to decorate and sale items or second hand items work like full price items do 🙂

The Spring Porch Tour is coming up soon.  Also, I’m hoping to get some pictures this weekend of my kids class to share with you in upcoming posts as well.  My little ones say the funniest things in class at times.  They keep me laughing!

What is something you are interested knowing about African living or something you are hoping I’ll put on this blog?  I would love your input.

Thanks for visiting today!  Have a super week!

3 thoughts on “Spring Living Room Tour

  1. Hey sweet friend, I love your house. It always feels so comfortable, like I could curl up on the couch and visit for ever. I love your ideas, decorating in Africa is such a great adventure.

    1. Thanks bunches, Tiffany! Really appreciate your encouragement. You have got to get your cute house up on your blog too. People would love it! You are the texture queen of decorating! Glad we get to be in Africa together 🙂

      1. Thank you. I am also so glad God put us here at the same time. I will get it on my blog, I just have some other ideas I am working on first.

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