Taking Time To Smell The Roses

Taking Time To Smell The Roses

You know, I think that sometimes life seems to get us and other times we get life. Before the Lord gave me a vehicle, I would get around via a motorcycle or a bicycle.   We have motorcycle taxi men all over town. At first, I was so nervous to ride a motorcycle with a complete stranger. Then, I was unsure how to let one of them know that I needed a ride. A friend told me to put my right index finger up in the air when one passed by and they would know I wanted a ride.

So one day, I got a motorcycle taxi man to stop and I told him where I wanted to go. Then I thought, how much do I pay him? Would he tell me? Or, would I tell him how much I would give him? I’m sure I got taken a few times not knowing average prices, but I eventually got the gist.

One thing that changed and made a big difference with every taxi ride was the driver. There were enjoyable rides where the taxi man and I would talk about the day and go at an even pace enjoying nature along the way. I’d see new paths and flowers and even wave at town friends as we drove by. These were the times I’d feel refreshed when I got off and feel like I’d made a new friend in life.

This day, I was craving an adventure and new vase filler. I had so much fun collecting this bundle.  You can see how dirty the motorcycle got and my face turned dirt red during this adventure.  I returned looking like Pocahontas. 🙂

With other drivers, the moment I barely sat down, I’d be holding on for dear life. It would seem as though we’d hit every pot hole in town along the way. No words would be spoken in route. My skirt would be all twisted when I got off. My ponytail would have fallen down and hair elastic lost, dust in my neck sweat, dirt on my legs and my teeth would have a layer of dirt if I hadn’t kept my mouth closed the entire time.   I’d be glad to be at the destination and thrilled I’d arrived alive. 🙂

The stop and smell the roses ride versus the speeding bullet ride. I find myself between these two in life sometimes. At the end of a speeding bullet day I wish I would have stopped and smelled the roses and wonder what I missed because I was just a big rush. I know that there are struggles and storms in life. However, wouldn’t it be great to be the person that gets life and all the goodness and blessings out of each day rather than the person that life gets to and lets problems and difficulties fester under their skin? A challenge to myself as much as any other!

I look back on my motorcycle taxi days and I am thankful for them. I got to meet a lot of town people, see lots of new places, hear cool stories, and learn tons about culture.  I’m so grateful for the vehicle I have now.  It’s been such a blessing and has made lots of other ministries possible.  

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